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Lambda Container

Beware: Migration to V1 has introduced a number of major features that are yet to be documented. Please have patience and in the mean time, use the tests for reference
Lambda Container (LC) is an IoC container which implements most of the commonly used features of an IoC container.

What can LC do for me?

  • Resolve instances by type, with or without a name.
  • Register type factories as lambda expressions
    • You have full control over- and full responsibility for the correct instance buildup. In the lambda expression you are provided with a refererence to the LC.
  • Register type to type mappings e.g. an interface to an implementation type.
    • Method/Property based dependency injection is available when this kind of registration is used
  • Perform convention based auto wired registrations
  • Resolve instances of concrete, non-configured types and have their dependencies injected by LC as if they had been registered as a type mapping.
  • Get your constructor dependencies injected by the LC automatically or selectively by using lambda expression factories.
  • Control lifetime of outputs from the container -> Transient | Singleton | Singleton per thread
  • Provide dependency scopes/child containers and let you control disposal scope for each registration
  • Automatically detect endless dependency cycles
  • Automatically build the LC using the LC bootstrapping architecture
  • Define all registration setup in in-code registration modules; no XML

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